We hope to be resuming manufacturing of these fantastic boats early 2019.
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The PIRANHA 3M comes packed with innovative features for a fun safe time on the water, with a load capacity of 225 kilograms or three adults. An important safety feature of the PIRANHA is the integral buoyancy LEVEL floatation
(survey standard).

The PIRANHA is a great compact fishing boat with a large fuel tank & storage compartment located at the bow and concealed by the carpeted
casting platform.

The PIRANHA is also an excellent choice as a tender. The high impact resistance of the Polyethylene construction makes the PIRANHA almost impervious to the dents and scratches that would be noticeable on boats constructed of other materials such as fibreglass or aluminium.
In a word they’re TOUGH!!!

The 3 metre PIRANHA, so much fun its Wicked!!!



Pink & Orange models